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Unlocking youth potential through academic excellence, athletics, health and wellness, and professional mentoring.

About Mission Success:

Founded in 2011, Mission Success empowers students from Houston’s underserved communities to unlock & maximize their potential through intensive, year-round academic support, health and wellness programming, athletics, and enriching corporate mentor relationships.
Mission Success' approach is based on a proven urban squash after-school model and is the only one of its kind in Texas. While students learn and benefit from what has traditionally been considered a sport for the elite, the ultimate objective and life-long impact is in the academic emphasis. The program prepares economically disadvantaged students both physically and academically to succeed in college and as productive young adults who give back to their communities.

The Mission Success Difference

Hours of academic support per student per year
High School graduation rate
of High School seniors apply to college
College acceptance rate
Adopting healthier and more balanced lifestyles
$1.46 million
In scholarships

Our Staff

Maggie Trendell

Executive Director

Alexandra Platt

Academic Program Coordinator

Amr Yehia

Head Coach

Hussein Hassanali

Assistant Coach

Shi-Kela Banks

Administrative Assistant